What’s In a ⠠⠃⠕⠭ (Box)?

February 19, 2019

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A family relocating with us had a sensitive issue in moving their son who was visually impaired. Uprooting his belongings troubled the family’s primary caretaker.

“The mother was very concerned about her son and his reaction to change, since he was visually impaired and had low spectrum autism,” said Michelle Gole, Director of Client Services with Executive Class (EC), a division of the Beltmann Relocation Group. “We brainstormed and researched to alleviate that stress.”

We turned to EC because of their experience in delivering white-glove treatment for high-touch scenarios. Its first two employees were Graebel alums in Matt Altieri, President, and Gole, who cited that their mission is to treat each move as if it might be their own family moving. 

“It was also formed by a totally different mindset by asking the question, ‘Where do moves go wrong?’” said Gole.

She reflected that the criticisms range from too many people on site, too many unknown contractors into the house, and lack of care with irreplaceable items, such as family heirlooms.

“As a result, we came up with a unique range of services beyond your basic, pack, load and delivery model.”

Assigning the Right Driver

These services for a family start with a Driver profile, so the family knows who to expect on moving day. These profiles serve as narrative biographies, providing families insight into the driver’s background, experience and hobbies. In this situation, Shawn Mann was tapped to relocate this family. Like other EC drivers, Shawn works with a dedicated team and in most cases does not use any additional labour or third-party entities to accomplish a move. This approach has proven to be extremely popular with customers.

“Our drivers are really sensitive to the human side and empathy. Shawn took it upon himself to do a little research before our standard kitchen table meeting with the family.”

Designing a Calm Exit and a Snug Landing

By way of the team’s collective research on autism and visual impairment, they were able to address the family’s concerns and elevate their experience. Gole prepared a box of Braille colouring books and daubers as well as specialised blankets and pillows for the child to feel snug during the actual move – a product to relieve anxiety for some children with autism disorders.

Mann’s research concluded that he would present a calm, deliberate demeanour during that kitchen sit-down to establish trust with the family, and more importantly, with the family’s son. After presenting the box of curated gifts for the move, and applying this reassuring disposition, Mann observed that the child began to follow him around, and by the time the meeting had concluded, he hopped up into the lorry to sound the horn. Additionally, the team took photos of the child’s bedroom at origin, so they could replicate the layout at destination.

“The parents were in tears, so just having made that difference to that family made everything worthwhile.”

Gole believes the compassion of these moves starts with Altieri’s leadership.

“He is a true, genuine, empathic leader. Because of his mindset, our culture flows, because that is his way of thinking and operating. It is a true differentiator. You are not a file. You are not another number. You are a family.”

Delivering Customised Touches for Every Family

This is evident in all their precise, considerate touches: poking holes in boxes for stuffed animals so they can breathe (wink, nudge), ensuring real pets get the best care during transportation or packing valuables with extreme care.

EC is attuned not only to their own care-driven mission but to the greater cause of the relocation industry. It is a testament to their work, and Graebel is proud to include this organisation in our portfolio of providers who connect the dots, create less noise for our clients and play a significant, often unheralded, behind-the-scenes-role.


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