Elevating the Role of Mobility

August 10, 2018 Akhbar Hameed

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The Mobility function is undergoing incredible change. I’m sure you realise just as I do that the door has been opened for us to shift from being a transactional shared service (“Relocate this person or team from point A to point B…and don’t spend any more than you have to!”) to a value-added internal consultant – a trusted advisor. The new global realities are that talent is valuable, talent is mobile and borders are less and less barriers.

If your Mobility strategy isn’t seizing on these new realities, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Your organisation needs Mobility’s perspective in order to compete on the global stage. But if your Mobility department is stuck in the transactional mode you’re missing out. We want to help.

It’s my privilege to host the insideMOBILITY® Global Summit in Singapore on 21 September. Mobility leaders and managers will have the opportunity to develop a plan that will elevate their Mobility programmes to be an internal partner, adding value across and at the highest levels of their organisations.


The Summit

Industry leaders will walk Summit attendees through a series of focused exercises and assessments. You’ll integrate your personalised organisational insights into a unique, progressive strategy to elevate your Mobility programme so you can enhance key initiatives and priorities throughout your company.

But that’s not all we’ll do that day in Singapore. Our team has put together an agenda that’s very relevant to this region, including a session on how the “gig economy” could affect your Mobility programme. And we’ve built in plenty of time for networking and sharing insights with your Mobility peers.



Speaking of that, I don’t know what it is about the Mobility profession. The culture of mutual support, shared learning and mentoring is unlike anything I’ve heard of in any other discipline. Maybe that’s because for years we’ve commiserated with each other in that transactional world! Yes, Mobility is changing, but, fortunately, that familial spirit remains.

That spirit is the driving force behind the insideMOBILITY programme, which Graebel has helped sponsor for more than a decade. We want to transform the industry, and insideMOBILITY has emerged as one of the biggest catalysts for positive change in Mobility.

Please register today and make your plans to join us on 21 September for the 2018 Global Mobility Summit in Singapore. I’m looking forward to welcoming colleagues from around the APAC region for an important day of learning, personal growth and networking. A day of taking a breath to focus on bigger things – like strategy, the future of Mobility, lessons we can learn from each other and forming/reinforcing the professional friendships we share throughout this industry!


About the Author

Akhbar Hameed

A native of Singapore, Akhbar serves as Vice President of the APAC region. He joined Graebel in 2012, bringing over 12 years of experience in the relocation industry with him. Previously, he held positions, including relocation manager and senior account manager for global relocation companies, as well as customer service positions within the hospitality industry. He is involved heavily in day-to-day operations and works closely with many third party service providers. Akhbar has the ability to connect with all levels of people and is able to offer strategic ideas for process improvement. He is fluent in English, Tamil and Malay.

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