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Guide to Designing a Successful Core-Flex Programme

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Core-Flex Guide

Core-Flex relocation benefit programmes are emerging as a favoured option for Mobility teams.

According to a recent insideMOBILITY® poll, 26% of companies that relocate employees use Core-Flex, and 48% of those that don’t use it now plan to adopt this structure over the next two years.

We’ve just released a timely report, Guide to Designing a Successful Core-Flex Programme, on Core-Flex design and implementation that Mobility professionals can draw on to:

  • Determine if it’s right for their company
  • Structure it to achieve unique goals and reinforce corporate culture
  • Optimise both employee choice and cost savings/certainty
  • Establish measures of the programme’s success

The Guide has practical information and valuable insights, along with case studies describing how two global companies recently transitioned to Core-Flex. It’s based on real-world experience from:

  • Corporate Mobility professionals who have already moved down this path
  • Graebel Consulting experts who have researched and designed these programmes
  • Graebel Account Managers who are administering and managing these programmes

Guide to Designing a Successful Core-Flex Programme goes well beyond Core-Flex theory. Companies will be able to confidently tackle the complexities of Core-Flex, informed by the experiences, recommendations and best practices shared by early adopters and other experts.